Wednesday, November 22, 2023


 "Tuesdays with Mr. Cogito".

On November 21, Class VIII participated in a very interesting event, organized at the University of Rzeszow. It was devoted to considering whether thinking calculates. The students also learned the secrets of business, listened to interesting lectures by invited guests, including a representative of Asseco Poland. At the end, they took part in a knowledge quiz, in which Szymek Szydełko won as many as two prizes, including one for solving the most difficult task in mathematics. The conclusion is one - it is worth thinking, and FAIL - First Attempt In Learning, is just the way to achieve success!

Friday, November 10, 2023


 This school year we are continuing our programming lessons with LEGO® Learning under the principle of 'learning through play'.

LEGO Education offers a wide range of suggestions for a STEM educational model with material tailored to students of all ages and abilities. By enabling the development of creativity, collaboration and critical thinking, the self-confidence of the youngest is strengthened and useful competences for adult life are shaped.

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential sets encourage students in grades 1-3 to learn science. By building, constructing and programming, children develop their mathematical and analytical skills. Adapted from current learning standards, the lesson modules are based on real-life issues and use minifigures that children can identify with. The LEGO building blocks that children are familiar with are an excellent basis for creative problem solving, storytelling and help to develop language skills.


 Computer science and IT education lessons with the Photon robot at our school

The interdisciplinary robot Photon is perfect for every level of education - from kindergarten to secondary school! It helps us to learn core competences and makes the teaching of specific topics more attractive. Working with the Photon robot, pupils develop their programming skills by implementing the programmes they have created. It has 4 levels of difficulty, which can be introduced at different stages of education.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Halloween workshops

 Just before the Halloween Day, the students prepared some activities connected with this holiday. They baked cupcakes, created a mummy and ate apples straight from the string.

 HALLOWEEN boardgames

Playing board games is a very convenient and pleasant way of getting to know the traditions and culture of English speaking and other european countries.

Students enjoyed the games and practiced English speaking.


 "Tuesdays with Mr. Cogito". On November 21, Class VIII participated in a very interesting event, organized at the University of R...